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An action game filled with many people racing cars.


A game of hope and color.

Boo-lieve it or not, the Great Ghoul Duel is back and spookier than ever!

A cat wizard that fights ghost battles, see if you can attest!

Learn how to use a calculator.

Play with color, and make different combos.

Breathe in...and, breathe out

This is Mixlab, where you get to make funky beats and music!

Play with the basic elements.

A simulation using stars

Get the groove! Dance, dance, dance!

Word Synth 

Make music with words.

no longer??

no longer avaiable will be fixed soon.

Light simulator with a built in web -GL.

3D fractal flame generated by typing letters.

Too much chaos!

(One of the only working unblocked websites)

Classic Among Us!

Easy file sharing with anyone on any device, and especially, for the Chromebooks.

A relaxing dreamy game.

  Flappy bird but it's played by an AI

The infinite scroll.

a game thats good

find those things!

please dont ask why >_<

but somthing seems off wait MY WINDOWS ARE MOVING-

bake cookies and well find the secrets of the universe?

The whole Valentime series! 2017

Another End is a first-person, procedurally-generated adventure game. Both the world and story are procedurally generated on a node.js server without plugins in Chrome.